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  • rathaus eshop medaile
    Lager with a unique taste, typical of IPL (india pale lager) beers. The combination of german saphir hops with the american chinook gives the beer...
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    Brand:Moravia lahvové pivo
  • punkev eshop medaile
    Pleasant mouthfeel, 4.7 % volume of alcohol, honey color. Punkevní 11 is characterized by moderate hopping, decent bitterness and dense, malty to...
    Availability:Availabe > 162 pcs
    Brand:Moravia lahvové pivo
  • Kluzák 2023
    Deep golden color, distinctive full body and medium bitterness. The name of the beer, which is glider in english, refers to Medlánky, famous for...
    Availability:Availabe 68 pcs
    Brand:Moravia lahvové pivo
  • moravia 10
    Distinctive bitter medium-bodied malty beer with 4.0 % alcohol content. The combination of czech and german hops gives it a full flavor. Quick...
    Availability:Availabe > 162 pcs
    Brand:Moravia lahvové pivo
  • PM duopack 03New
    Gift box for two 0,75L bottles. Lucky Bastard bran form one side and from the other Moravia brewery brand. (Duopack does not contain any...
    Availability:Availabe > 162 pcs