Lucky Bastard 17 Siciliano 0,33L

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Medium bitter beer with excellent mouthfeel. Aroma is exquisitely distinctive thanks to the american citra and australian enigma hops, which were added for cold brewing directly to the tank. Final touch is added by the cetennial and simcoe varieties, imparting tropical and resinous undertones to the taste and aroma.



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50 Kč / pcs
Category: OUR BEER
Weight: 0.6 kg
Stupňovitost: 17 % EPM
Pivní styl: Double IPA
Zákonná kategorie: Pivo světlé silné nefiltrované svrchně kvašené
Alkohol: 7,8 % obj.
Hořkost: 43 IBU
Chmely: Simcoe, Centennial
Chmely za studena: Enigma, Citra
Slady: plzeňský
Složení: voda, JEČNÉ SLADY, upravený chmel
Objem: 0,33L
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